Community Indicators

The indicators on Facts Matter reflect data on how the Cincinnati Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) is doing on 48 indicators across four critical areas — education, income, health, and quality of life. Each indicator was selected for its “standalone” value within each of the four areas. However, the entire set of indicators should be considered when judging the overall social and economic health of our region.

Each of the indicators also has strong relevance to public and private sector groups working to increase the quality of life in our community. In the past, we have adopted indicators used by United Way’s Agenda for Community Impact, and State of the Community Report, StrivePartnership, Northern Kentucky Education Council, Green Umbrella, Agenda 360, and Vision 2015 to monitor the results of their respective efforts.

While it is comprehensive, these indicators are designed to measure progress at a high level. Organizations working on specific issues must identify more detailed and specific sets of indicators to measure progress in their areas of interest. Readers interested in a deeper dive into specific areas are encouraged to read the other high quality indicator reports published in our region.

Select one of the four indicator groupings from the menu above to learn more about the indicators we track and to get data on our community.